1. Oxen Moon
    Sailor Winters

  2. Severed Together
    Outer Gods

  3. Inland Empires Disregard The Sea
    Warning Light

  4. Dismal Rift
    Outer Gods

  5. Oftenchance
    Warning Light

  6. The Equinox Session
    In Sonitus Lux

  7. Fateful 808s

  8. XXXI
    Warning Light

  9. No One In Control

  10. Thundermoon
    In Sonitus Lux

  11. Terminal Muse: Yellow
    Lid Emba

  12. Void Vanishing

  13. Two Ghosts
    Sick Figures

  14. Wild Silver
    Warning Light

  15. Terminal Muse: Blue
    Lid Emba

  16. That's It, That's It
    Femme Fatality

  17. At The Chateau
    La Chansons

  18. Ternary
    Sorry No Ferrari

  19. Totally Beachin (wave rider remix)
    La Chansons

  20. The Colors Of Dreams, They're In You
    Backseat Dreamer

  21. Further On
    Warning Light

  22. King And Queen Of the Dance Floor
    La Chansons

  23. Terminal Muse: Red
    Lid Emba

  24. Candy Bar Man Digital Single
    La Chansons

  25. Other Voices
    Other Voices

  26. Girls on Film
    Von Iva

  27. One's Not Enough Remixed
    Femme Fatality

  28. Thou
    Harken The Hands Askew

  29. All Night Drug Prowling Wolves / Sick Figures split 7"
    All Night Drug Prowling Wolves & Sick Figures split

  30. Baby Teeth
    The Feeding Fingers

  31. Haunted House Vol. 1

  32. Love Not Found EP
    Backseat Dreamer

  33. Tenth to the Moon
    Tenth to the Moon

  34. Synergy

  35. Rake
    The Sublimator

  36. Gender

  37. One's Not Enough
    Femme Fatality

  38. We Substitute Radiance
    Lid EMBA and BobCRANE

  39. Pleiades
    W-S Burn

  40. Polyhymnia

  41. One Hand Loves The Remix
    One Hand Loves The Other

  42. Pretty Mess seven inch recording
    Femme Fatality

  43. Wound In Wall
    The Feeding Fingers

  44. Hilarious Death Blues - Double Album
    Antic Clay

  45. Snowden

  46. Bull****

  47. The Harmony Of Noise

  48. One Hand Loves The Other
    One Hand Loves The Other

  49. This Balance

  50. ...Eternity Drones
    Warning Light

  51. Sick Figures
    Sick Figures

  52. Treacherous Water Features
    Tree Creature

  53. Xiu Xiu / W-S Burn split 7" recording
    Xiu Xiu / W-S Burn

  54. Ex Incendia Libertas
    13 Day Mission

  55. Realities

  56. Infinite Delay
    The Graboids

  57. Standards Of Living

  58. The Get Down Syndrome
    Sorry No Ferrari

  59. The Pines
    Fur Elise

  60. Willow

  61. Envie

  62. Curtain Call

  63. The Feeding Fingers
    The Feeding Fingers

  64. Anti-Anti

  65. Worlds Of Space, Worlds Of Population, Worlds Of Robots

  66. This Was It

  67. George W. Bush Go Straight To Fucking Hell

  68. Float!
    Music For People

  69. Buccleuch
    The Graboids

  70. SO73
    Sound Of Seventy Three

  71. Believes In Patterns
    I Would Set Myself On Fire For You

  72. Complete Discography (2005 - 2006)
    Ship At Sea

  73. Ask Someone
    Blame Game

  74. Humansize
    Echo Is Your Love

  75. Red At Morn
    Sailor Winters

  76. God's America
    God's America

  77. Diarrhea

  78. Reason Isn't Radar
    Lid Emba

  79. The House Record
    Thee Shall I Cherish

  80. Vibin'

  81. What The Flux?
    Brett Kelly

  82. Owe
    Sailor Winters

  83. Loss
    Me And Him Call It Us

  84. The Rigmas
    The Rigmas

  85. Ominosity

  86. Kandy Kane seven inch

  87. Ass Ramming Rhythms
    Big Penguin

  88. Recalibrated
    The Subliminator

  89. Highways

  90. Live
    Tenth To The Moon

  91. Flak Scrampe Tramauntra
    Flak Scrampe Tramauntra

  92. Ex Girlfriends
    Dead Vagina

  93. The Completeist Part 1
    Car Vs Driver

  94. The Completeist Part 2
    Car Vs Driver

  95. Spines

  96. All Blown Up
    Stephen Skylane

  97. Honey And Salt
    Blame Game

  98. Black Eyes seven inch

  99. Ich Liebe Der USA, Und Er Liebt Mich!
    Vim Viggins

  100. Kromium
    Tenth to the Moon

  101. Magicicada

  102. Cool, Cooler, Coulier!

  103. Turn It Up Faggot

  104. SC

  105. My Zipper Got Stuck

  106. Nominal

  107. Paper Cut Eye
    Echo Is Your Love

  108. Paper Rock Scissors

  109. Super Local 13
    Hubcap City (From Belgium)

  110. "Soul...Sold It" seven inch and "Velcro Is The New Black" cd
    Spirit World

  111. Electrosleep Int'l
    Electrosleep Int'l

  112. Again, With Hate seven inch recording
    The Blessed

  113. Pro-Twelve Thinker

  114. Anthology
    Blame Game

  115. The (C:) Drive Of Love Series
    Me And Him Call It Us

  116. Complete Discography

  117. Levis seven inch recording

  118. I Am You

  119. Call And Response seven inch recording

  120. The Squares
    The Squares

  121. The Uni-Directional EP

  122. Safe At One Seven Inch Recording + 3

  123. The Perpetual Sciamachy Theorem
    The Perpetual Sciamachy Theorem

  124. Action Shot
    Mr. Mips

  125. I Would Set Myself On Fire For You
    I Would Set Myself On Fire For You

  126. Camaro Crotch Triple LP Picture Disc
    Camaro Crotch

  127. Live @ WREK, 91.1 FM
    Go Back To Europe

  128. Airoes / The Black Aux split demo cd
    Airoes / The Black Aux

  129. Left-Right EP
    Make Shift Emotion

  130. 8 Hours
    Echo Is Your Love

  131. All My Chances seven inch recording

  132. All Eyes Open
    Death Of Marat

  133. Anatomy Of Distance

  134. Ghost Town ep
    The Love God Murder

  135. Blame Game seven inch recording
    Blame Game

  136. Blues Moderne: Danois Explosifs

  137. Die Me Infinity + 4
    Providence Union

  138. 1994 - 1996
    Year Zero

  139. Ultivac

  140. Description: Singles And Unreleased Recordings: 1995 - 1999
    The Hal Al Shedad

  141. Changing Caring Humans

  142. "The Mechanics Of Wind" plus one
    At The Price Of The Union

  143. Five For The Road And One For The Ditch
    The Purkinje Shift

  144. Future Isms lp / cd

  145. Luxus seven inch recording

  146. Nickel Waves And Carbon Stars
    The Purkinje Shift

  147. Wheeljack

  148. Nine Twelve Seven
    The Purkinje Shift

  149. Abracadaver
    The Party Of Helicopters

  150. Ending Deconstruction
    T Tauri

  151. The Symbol Of Sound Progress
    The Hal Al Shedad

  152. And Farewell To Hightide
    Cerberus Shoal

  153. The Sound Of Swords Clashing
    The Hal Al Shedad

  154. Burn! For Two split seven inch recording
    Wheel Jack / Year Zero


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